About Us

SportScotland works in partnership with all 32 local authorities to invest in and support the Active Schools Network.

In Fife the Active Schools team works with primary, secondary and additional support needs schools to;

• Increase the quality and range of opportunities to participate in sport before, during lunchtime and after school.
• Build capacity through the recruitment, retention and development of a network of volunteers & coaches to deliver sport.
• Increase the number of young people accessing leadership roles ensuring they are encouraged and supported to reach their potential.
• Support and develop effective pathways between school and sport clubs to improve the transition from schools to clubs.

We achieve this by working in partnership with education, sports development and other key partners to develop an integrated approach across physical education, physical activity and sport in the wider community to ensure involvement amongst young people including under-represented groups as participants, deliverers and young leaders.

The team is further developing their skills, knowledge and behaviours and measuring and reporting on the impact of Active schools through the collation and use of data, self-assessment and reflection, continuous improvement and evaluation.

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