P6-P7 Badminton Festival

The Central Fife Badminton Festival is an opportunity for pupils to participate in a friendly competition format which will involve a series of singles and doubles matches. This is a team scored event and it is designed to encourage pupils who are ready to make the transition from last term's Smash Into Badminton festival format into a competition format for badminton.

The event involves matches playing first to 11 points with an accumulated score recorded for the team (e.g. Final score 11-9 : Player A receives 11 points for their team, meanwhile Player B receives 9) – the event is friendly based with each player playing in at least 4 singles matches and potentially up to 4 doubles matches. This event is recommended for all players who are relatively new to the game and are looking to progress their badminton beyond the Smash Into Badminton event – it is the nature and individual participant ability of this event which differentiates it from the wider Fife Badminton Championships.

Rules: P6-P7 Badminton Festival Teamsheet

When: Friday 8th February

Where: Michael Woods Sports Centre, Glenrothes

Time: 09:30-12:30

Age: Primary 6 - Primary 7

Cost: One-off payment of £15.00 per school, paid by cheque ('Fife Council').

Additional Info: Each school must have a minimum of 4 girls and 4 boys for this festival. Schools can enter up to 8 boys and 8 girls.