Olympiad Programme 2020 - Pointoise (France)

Olympiad changes for Pontoise in 2020

As part of some new and exciting developments 10 new Olympiad leads and 2 general managers have been recruited into voluntary roles to help lead the next Olympiad cycle. A group of dynamic and enthusiastic individuals will now work alongside the Active Schools team in Fife to lead on planning, preparation, implementation, delivery & evaluation of a specific sport.

As part of some new changes the Active Schools team will now take a larger role and will now lead on all aspects of the Sport element of the Olympiad including; sport selection, coaches & staff selection, policies, health & safety, communication & competition, attend planning meetings, liaise with the host town & other involved towns and represent within the Official party at Olympiad events.

Alongside the Olympiad committee who will continue to lead all other aspects of the Olympiad the future is looking bright for 2020.

Essential Downloads

- Olympiad Changes for Pontoise in 2020

- Communication, Marketing and Funding Policy

- Mission Statement

- FCOSG Complaints Procedure

- Olympiad Sport Specific Policy

- Olympiad Structure